Cadet College Hassan Abdal Admission 2022 Last Date to Apply Online

The admission of Cadet College HASSAN ABDAL for the session 2022 has been announced. Those students who are physically fit and intelligent and they want to join the cadet academy that kind of the students can apply for the college. Mostly parents have the confusion that what is the different of the regular college and the cadet College?

The main difference is that the rules are too much strict in the cadet college. In the other colleges you just do any mistake the desired college do not punish you but on the other hand the students do some mistakes and broke the rules then the cadet college punish him and next time they do not do any mistakes. The second one is that the cadet colleges only follow the discipline in timing and learning. The cadet college does not compromise in any rules and the regulation. The result and the schedule are announced at that time of the academic calendar. The students are same in the front of Cadet College. The Cadet College announced the admission of 8th class and the 11th class.

How to apply

  • If any person wants to get the admission in the cadet college of this session that kind of the students visit the site and click the link.
    After that the students face many phases like
  • First the students create an account in the portal
  • Then the students receive the code that is declared by the college.
  • Then the students put the code in the admission form.
  • Then the students enter the information
  • Then the students download the application form
  • Then the students download the fee voucher of the admission.
  • Then the students scan all the documents online.
  • The documents are cleared and without any attested stamp.
  • After that the students download the roll number slip of the admission test.
  • With the help of the admission test, the students are eligible for the medical test and the running test.
  • After that the students complete their process and then they are waiting for the final merit list.

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