BISE Faisalabad Board 11th Class Model Paper 2022

Second year is the one of the most useful and the one of the most future setting class. It is based upon the life and the skills of the students. Students wants to get more and more marks into this class if the students have good marks in the class then they are capable of get admission into the great and the govt university. For the sake of the admission the students try to get good marks and the model paper is than factor to help the students who done the preparation only in the last night of the exam.

The model paper is the main and the useful key to perform good in the exams and to get more marks for the admission and for the academic career. There are many subjects in which the students are not perform well but the fact is that with the help of this model paper there are two much easiness for the students because there are too much of the subjects who model papers are publishing and are displayed in our website. in the model paper there are many short questions and there are many mcqs and there are many fill in the blanks these are used to gain good marks and these are the main factors from which the students can get more marks .

Subjects in which model paper are present:-

Model paper of English

Model paper of urdu

Model paper of biology

Model paper of physics

Model paper of chemistry

Model paper of math

Model paper of Islamic studies

Advantages of the model paper :-

Easy to prepare

No extensive question

Easy to learn the spelling and the questions

Short questions and the MCQS are present

Students can get more then the passing marks

Helpful for the last night students.

Disadvantage of the model paper :-

Weak eyes sight

No concepts clear of the students

Only short and limited way of learning

Can not get more marks for the admission in university

The model paper of the 12 class is present in our website and here is the portal at which there we had to click a button and then we can download the model paper .

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