August 9, 2020
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Biotechnology is the field in which majority of you are interested just because of it, there is great scope of this field in our country or they just have interest in this field. Well there are also few students who don’t know much about it but they just want to get admission in this field to secure their future. Well we will now talk about the scope of this field so that those students, who are still in intermediate class, may come to know that this field will be good for them and they must get admission in this field.

Biotechnology Overview

First you can guess from its name that is this study is all about living things. Well let’s take a look on its official definition. Biotechnology is the use of living system and organisms to develop or make products. In biotechnological system there is main concept of producing thing for mankind by doing experiments on animals on behalf of human. There are few more concepts that are compulsory to know if you are just going to get admission in this field. Well we can also say that these fields are derived from this field or this field is derived from any of them field. In short these are all related to each other. Well now just take a look on it.

  • Bio information
  • Bioprocess Engineering
  • Biorobotics
  • Chemical Engineering

Computer Science: It is the new brand of this field. Now there will be a question in your mind that is how it is related to biotechnology? Well as you know that there is wide use of computer technology all over the world that is we are now using computer applications in our daily life in different works. So in biotechnology there is also wide use of computer applications that is many experiments are now doing on the base of computer application. So computer knowledge has become compulsory to get biotechnology knowledge in depth.

Biotechnology Scope

Now we will talk about the scope of this field as there are majority of you are here to know a single thing that is what will be the job opportunity after completing this course. Well as we early mentioned that there is wide range of this course as it base on living things are we just want to secure our health system that is possible with the concept of this field so we can easily say that there is also wide range of its scope. Well first just take a thing in your mind that you have to start your job with less pay as you will have less experience at that time but when you will become professional of your work then you will earn up to $1M in a single month. Well you can also get teaching job in any primary or secondary school or professor or lecturer in any government or private college or university that is much respectable job all over the world.

  • Clinical Project Manager
  • Principal Scientist
  • Translation Medicine
  • Biology Senior Lab technician
  • Biology Senior Searcher