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Right through this article , we will be having a complete discussion about the Bio Information what is it, its scope, job opportunities, career and discussing in deep for those who don’t know about that field so let’s start talking about this field.

Bio information overview

As we can see in the name bio information (biological information) the word bio refer to our physical and biological characteristics. Bio is derived from the analysis of our physical and biological characteristics of a person. In bio information we focus on DNA and finger print because every person in this world have unique DNA(except identical twin) and unique Finger print from this biological characteristic we can find the precense of that crime person at crime scene the most use of this field is in investigation of a criminal the police collect the all evidence and send them to their forensic lab to investigate these evidence to get help to find the criminal. Bio information has become an important part of many areas of biology

Bio information is also realte to the computer field because of their study if you want to read the DNA properties so have to use some biological software and tools to study them. Software tools used to read more complex graphical programs of DNA. This field also help the scientists to research on different topics about human as well as wild life. Scientis get help from bio information to research on the following topics like

  • Gene disease database
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food technology
  • Genetic engineering
  • Biochemistry
  • Medicine
  • Agriculture
  • Molecular biology etc.

To become a bio information you have the abilities of problem solving, a good observer, cooperative nature, a problem handler, having a geinuse mind, having interest in your field, hard worker and have a lot of craze about the research

Scope of Bio Information

With the passage of time the career options of being the bio information expert is getting so much high now days in Pakistan. If you are a good bio information and having a creative and research mind you can also run your own pharmatical company. Being the part of research institutes, hospital and industry can also turn out to be one of the best options for your career. You can even look for employment that is being out in the pharmaceutical and biotech companies

You can get the following jobs in this field

  • Bio informatics scientists
  • Bio informatics engineers
  • Individual contributor
  • Field applications scientist
  • Research scientist
  • Bio informatics Associate scientist
  • Computational scientist
  • Metabolomics cheminformatics scientist

List of Institutes that offering Bio Information

  • Al-Khair University
  • Government college University Faisalabad
  • University of Agriculture
  • Comsats institute of information technology Islamabad
  • International Islamic University
  • Quaid-e-Azam University
  • Khushal Khan KhattakUniversity
  • Virtual University of pakistan
  • HazaraUniversity
  • Shaheed Benazir Bhutto women University
  • Comsats institute of information technologysahiwal
  • Capital University of science and technology
  • Baqai Medical University/hospital
  • Indus University
  • Institute of business and technology (main campus)
  • Sir Syed University of engineering and technology
  • Forman chirstian college
  • The Superior University
  • The University of management and technology
  • Shaheed Benazir Bhutto women University Peshawar (sub campus)
  • Government postgraduate college
  • Royal group of colleges
  • Fedral institute of health and science, lahore
  • Fedral institute of health and science, Multan
  • The limit institution of health and science