Bahria University Spring Admission 2022 Eligibility Criteria

The bahria University announced their admission in earth and environmental sciences programs. The candidate who want to be take admission in the bahria University for this program must be follow our links. we provide you to all the information about the bahria University is and these programs.

Bahria University Spring Admission 2022

Some about the bahria University

In the federally chartered public sector universities the bahria University also be one of them. the main seat of the university is at Islamabad and several campuses are also available in Pakistan. The campus is in different cities

  • Islamabad main campus
  • Karachi campus
  • Lahore campus

The bahria University also have the other different universities campuses in which

  • Bahria University Pakistan
  • Medical and dental college bahria University
  • Institute of professional physiology

The Pakistan Navy established this university in 2000. From day by day this university grown one of the leading higher education institute in Pakistan. The bahria University plays a major role for the students who want to groom their future leaders. The University have multidisciplinary programs in which the candidate have choice in

  • Health science
  • engineering sciences
  • Computer science
  • Management sciences
  • Social sciences
  • law degree program
  • Environmental sensors program
  • Physiology program
  • Maritime studies

The programs in this institute:

This time the University offered the special degree program in which;

  • BA and MS geology
  • BS and MS Geophysics
  • BS and MS Environmental sciences

This is a golden chance to the candidates who want to take this type degrees. there are also some allied and applied programs for career in oil and gas, energy and power, Maritime economy  oceanology and others.

How can I apply to this institute:

The prospectus and admission forms are available in our website from where the candidate can download it or have it. If the student want to go through on the campus of this institute. Then go there and purchase the prospectus by hand. The address of the various School of engineering and applied sciences is below;

Various School of engineering and applied sciences Islamabad campus Shangrila road sector E-8.

The bahria University given the more facilities for the candidates. Different types of candidates can take maximum benefits from the Sea University for example the facilities written in below;

  • The University give multiple merit and the need base scholarship for the brilliant students. Students who have great percentage in previous examination is University give them to a chance for free education.
  • The University of bahria have strong industrial links and international academy linkage from whole the world.
  • For the disabled and less developed regional candidate University set the 2% quota for this type students.
  • In bahria University Earth and environmental sciences campus have the foreign qualified and highly experienced staff.

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