Bahria University Karachi Spring Admission 2022 Form Download

It is one of the main and the one of the most reliable and the most educated staff is here in this university who are here just to give the students the more and the more knowledge and give the biggest experience of the life can be seen by the students.The admission of this university are announced of the spring session 2022. There are many campus of this university and now I am discussing about the Karachi campus of this university. The spring session of this university about to start. There are many department in this university some of the department are:-

Bahria school business this is termed as the main school of this campus because in this university there are many students who wants to get more marks to get admission in this university and in this department there are

  • BBA ( 2 and 4 years )
  • MBA(1.5-2 years )
  • BBA is termed as the bachelor of business accounting.
  • MBA is termed as the master of business administration.

B.S accounting and financing:-

In this degree program, there are many students who wants to get admission and the students who want to get more marks can do this degree are capable of doing the CA and the CA have the great scope in our country and then after that there is good scope of the ACCA too.

Bahria University Karachi Spring Admission 2022

Management study department:-

  • In this department there are many Bs degree programs .
  • BS economics and financing.
  • BS supply chain management
  • Ms project management
  • Mphil (PHd management science)

Department of computer science:-

  • In this era there are too much of the scope of the IT department and there are many disciples in which the students can get admission.
  • MS ( PHD) in computer science.
  • MS PHD in the (SE)

There are many other departments of engineering like the electrical engineering and the earth and environmental engineering also and then there is a vast scope of the BS in these degrees and then MS in these and then PHD in these degree plans.

There is other departments names as the humanities and the social this degree plan there are the people who have the social and the economical issues to hear and to understand the issues of the people this degree is compulsory for the students who want to serve the life in humanity.

Where to Apply :-

  • For admission in this university we had to download the admission forms and for the downloading of the admission form we had to visit the website of our
  • The date of the admission of this university is announced and the date for the applications are mentioned here
  • The deadline of admission for the university is also mentioned in our website.
  • The CBT test is also used for admission in this university and for the purpose of getting admission in this university the date announced is 14 February and the classes start in this university are from the 1st week of the may.


  • It is located into front of the stadium road in the centre of Karachi.

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