Auto Industry Courses Admission 2022

The admission of short courses for the candidates who want to do practical work in Die working has been announced. The government of Pakistan and Punjab announced that candidates can get short courses in the field of Auto industry without any cost. The government of Punjab takes best step for the unemployment people because mostly people are educated but they do not have any skills in the practical life. Now this time, in the Pakistan and other countries many jobs are opened. With the help of the courses, candidates learn all the work and then they do job properly.

Auto Industry Courses Admission 2022

Courses name

  • CNC Tool and Die Making
  • Quality control inspector in engineering industry
  • Tractor Mechanic
  • Forgoing Shop Operator

Scholar ship and salary

  • The government of Punjab announced that the course of CNC and Quality control are for 6 months.
  • The course of Tractor and Forgoing are for 8 months.
  • Government of Punjab gives 9000 RS to the candidates who are selected for this course.
  • This amount is not for one month.
  • This amount is for total duration
  • The scholarship for the tractor and forgoing are 18000 RS in total duration.
  • After completing the course, government of Pakistan gives them job and pays 19000 to 21000 RS as the salary.


The government of Punjab announced other facilities and the list of services is

  • Free Uniform
  • Free books
  • Free stationary materials
  • Free transport
  • Free hostels
  • Visit in different industries and companies


  • The last date of admission is 10-01-2022.
  • Schedule of classes and other time table are mentioned on the site.

How to apply

  • This institute is totally different as compare to other.
  • This institute only works on the base of offline or manual.
  • Candidates just download the application form of courses.
  • Candidates went to the institute and they submit all the important documents to the institute.
  • At the time of admission, students receive the time table and other formality paper for the admission.
  • Candidates do not pay anything in the whole process.

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