Army Medical College Admission 2022 Apply Free

The admission of Army medical college for the session 2022 has been announced. The students who want to join the Army medical college as the doctor of MBBS and BDS that kind of the students can apply for the admission of Army College. In the Army Medical College, the merit is too much high but on the other hand students who got the admission in this college they will be become full gentlemen and knowledge full person because this College always maintain the manners of the students. If any person wants to get the admission inĀ  this college that kind of the students click the link and then they are ready for the competition test that are held in the future. Mostly students think that they got the admission in the Army medical College with high marks, that kind of the students are right in some place but some of the places they are wrong.

  • If any person has medically fit and they are good in intelligence test that kind of the students are eligible for the admission.
  • If any person has the high marks but they are not good in the intelligence and physically fit that kind of students are not eligible for the admission.

Test Schedule

Before applying for the admission the students read the following instruction that

  • First the students face the initial test.
  • Second the students attempt the intelligence test
  • Third, students give the medical test
  • Fourth, students present their body for the physical test
  • Fifth, students are appear in the intelligence test
  • AT the end the final interview is conducted by the army officer.

How to apply

  • Students who read all the instruction and now they are ready for all the phases that kind of the students click the link and start applying the online admission form.
  • After the admission form the students put all the information in the form and they analyze that which factor is important for the admission.
  • The schedule of the admission and the test are available on the page.

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