Architecture Engineering Scope in Pakistan

Today we are going to talking about Architectural Engineering so first of all let’s talk about this field in general and after this we will take look on its some benefits and also scope of this field in our country.

Architecture Engineering Overview

Architecture Engineering relies on drawing that is often called computer aided design. Here is its second name that is building engineering in which students learn the principles of designing a building according to few mechanisms or technology to make that building reliable for those who will get that building in their work. Architectural engineers are those who work with other engineers and architects for the designing and construction of buildings. It has several benefits that is there is big scope of this field but only those candidates will be able to get good job who will know it in detail and will have enough knowledge about this field.

Scope of Architecture Engineering

As Architecture Engineers often work with other Engineers that is they mostly work with the help of civil engineers and give them a design of a building and after that civil engineers make its cost estimate. Well we are talking about its benefits or scope in our country. After completing your course you will definitely get good job and will get handsome pay and you can also get a good job out of country. If you will get nothing after doing this job then you can easily get a teaching job easily in our country. Otherwise there is several government and privates jobs for you in which you will design few structures for the organization and you will get maximum pay for your job that is will according to your mind.

There are two tops jobs which you can get these are

  • Chief Engineering
  • Planning Engineering

To get this job you must have few years’ experience that you can get by doing internship and during the time while you are doing this course, you will definitely get several internships chances so you must do it to get good jobs after completing your study.

Institutes which offers Architecture Engineering Degree

There are several Universities which offers architecture engineering to those students who are interested in this field. After passing intermediate exams you can apply for admission in any of these universities but for this you must get good grades in intermediate class. There are few universities names which are best for this course and you must try to get admission in these universities which are as follow.

  • University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore (UET)
  • Punjab University, Lahore (PU)
  • National University of Science and Technology (NUST)
  • Lahore University of Management Science (LUMS)
  • Fast University, Lahore, Islamabad
  • Gulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Science and Technology (GIKI)

These were few best universities but there are also a number of institutes in which you can get admission but it will depend on your scores that is which score you will get at intermediate level. To get admission in any of these institutes you have to attempt an entry test that is compulsory and you have to get good marks in entry test along with getting good marks in intermediate class.

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