Alhamd Islamic University Spring Admission 2022

This is one of the most versatile and one of the most reliableand universities in the history of Pakistan. It is the highest ranked university in pakistan recognized by the HEC. IT is located in the main centre of the queeta.

The Announcement for admission in this university is announced by the authorities of the university and by the govt announcement. The admission of the spring is announced and department in which the degree are offered shown below:-

Doctor of physiotherapy

This is the one of the most competent degree in this degree there are the main parts and the muscular issues can be discussed to get the admission in this university there are the many students are in the row and this degree is of 5 years and it contain 10 semesters.

Alhamd Islamic University Spring Admission 2022

There are many other departments which are offering admission and the main course for admission can be seen below:-

  • BS MLT
  • BS Dental technology
  • BS surgical technology
  • BS anasthesia technology
  • BS diagnostic imaging
  • BS public health

These are the 4 year degree program and in these programs there are many other departments in which the admission are opened and then there are the 8 semester in the whole degree plan.

Eligibility criteria:-

  • The students who wants to get admission in this university have to prepare for the admission test and then there re the students who want’s to get the admission can achieve more then the 50% of the marks.
  • Student should pass the intermediate with the FSC pre Medical.
  • The admission form can be seen in our website.

There are many other information about the admission and the date and the time and the opportunity to get the admission. There are many other institutes which are affliated with the name of the Alhamd institute the affliated institute are:-

  • Balochistan university of technology
  • Dar e arqam schools organization
  • Alhamd school of Islamic and modern science
  • Nisa institue of science and arts
  • Alhamdian schools

There are the main campus and the main institute which are recognized by the name of this University and the admission forms can be downloaded from

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