Al-Noor Girls Public School And Cadet College Admission 2022

The admission of Al-NOOR girl’s public and Cadet College for the new students has been announced. Students of 6th, 7th and 8th class can apply for this institute. If any people who want to get admission in Cadet College only for 8th class that kind of students choose this school because this school and college is the same thing but only different places and branches. The principle of Cadet College announced that admission test for both campuses are compulsory for admission.

Al-Noor Girls Public School And Cadet College Admission 2022


  • Al-NOOR girl’s public school announced the admission of 8th
  • Cadet College announced the admission of 7th and 8th
  • The classes are not too much higher but the syllabus is too much tough for all the classes. Now this time, Cadet College announced the syllabus for this session.
  • If any student wants to get the syllabus of Cadet College and AL-NOOR school for all the classes that kind of students click the page and get all the information about the course.

Admission dates

  • The last date of admission is 10-02-2021
  • Test date of admission is 14-02-2021.

How to apply

  • Interested students download the application form for the registration.
  • Students write the educational records and other information.
  • Then students submit the form to the school and college.
  • Admission fee and other fee structure are mentioned on the page and site.
  • If any student wants to get the prospectus of school and college that kind of students click the link and get the prospectus from the page.

Admission test

  • Mostly students are too much scared about the admission test.
  • They think that admission test is too much tough and out of syllabus.
  • All the questions are conducted in the syllabus.
  • Past papers are uploaded on this page and site.


  • School only announced the facility of hostels and transport.
  • Only boys hostel are available in the school.
  • All the dues and other external charges are mentioned on the page.
  • Students who want to get hire hostel room that kind of students click the link and download the form.

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