Aim to become Software Engineer Essay

My aim is to become a software engineer. I try my best to become software engineer and I choose same subjects for this course. All students who want to become software engineering and they want to get admission in any university of engineering that kind of students first choose bets and top rank university for this course. Problem is that all kind of universities opened their admission and they read whole syllabus all time but at the time of degree they just give degree and they do not refer any person for internship. If any person who do not do internship and they do not have any skills about this course that kind of students just receive degree and they do not want to become software engineer in their life. If any person fulfill their dream and they do not compromise with their goal that kind of students do some more works that is totally relevant to this course.

If we discuss about scope of this course and some of the students who are now in intermediate degree and they want to do software engineering degree course that kind of students can do anything from this course. All students of Pakistan and all types of persons who do job in that field that kind of persons say that now computer is everything and computer with any software is nothing. Now this time, all companies who are too much famous and all time they get profit and they invest too much money that kind of companies use different kind of software and with the help of software they reduce work load of people and they convert all files work and record on software.

Now this time, In Pakistan, only small amount of developers and some of the students think that only small amount of students pass examination of this degree but this is not true. We do not call him developer who do not have too much skills but they have only a piece of paper that is degree that kind of students just a engineer not a big developer.

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