AGS Battery Price in Pakistan

AGS announced new prices of its all batteries and now you can check their each battery price which is mention in below table. It is fact that with the passage of time, everything is going to be costly and more costly but where is the question AGS battery prices so you will get more discount on their brand. Now you have to do a single thing that is just go to below where these batteries prices mention and take a look on these batteries prices.

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AGS is the most famous battery brand. If you are going to buy any battery then it is probability that you will definitely choose it. In the past there was not much concept of batteries but with the passage of time, technology gave us such amazing technology and battery is the blessing of human being. Here is one of the mist famous battery brands which is providing best battery product to its customers. If you still don’t use this brand then you have to use it at least once. Visitors can also read this product reviews to think about it either this brand will be suitable for them or not and then you can buy it.

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There are different types of batteries according their plants. It is up to you that which is the requirement of you and you can buy that product right now. First there are heavy batteries which are useable in UPS and many other electronic types of equipment. First you will take a look on these heavy batteries prices and don’t forget to read its plates which will be more important for you to know before purchasing any battery.

AGS heavy batteries prices 2020

Battery Name Plates Detail AH Price in PKRS
GX135 33 210 AH Rs.22,500
210H52 31 200 AH Rs.21,500
GX200F 27 175 AH Rs.17,500
GL190 23 150 AH Rs.14,500
GX165 21 125 AH Rs. 11,500
N125 27 175 AH Rs.17,500
GL100 25 160 AH Rs.15,500
23 140 AH Rs.12,500

If you are going to buy a battery for your bike then it is surety that you have needed to buy a small battery which will call standard battery. Here is price of their standard batteries so visitors can take a look on these batteries prices.

AGS Standard Batteries Prices List

Battery Name Plates Detail AH Price in PKRS
195G5 15 80 AH Rs.7,500
GX175 13 75 AH Rs.6,500
245Hs2IF 19 110 AH Rs.9,500
GX200F 17 100 AH Rs.8,500

You can also get all other battery prices online free from here. This is a good battery brand and its all products made with good quality of material. You can get this battery in different sizes and used in different things. You can purchase soon AGS battery online from this page.

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