A Visit to Zoo Eassy For Matric & Inter Students

The zoo has a unique name. It only uses the word, but when you go to the zoo, you lose consciousness when you see different kinds of animals. Our ninth grade trip went to the zoo in the summer months. That included me and other students from my entire class. We boarded a big bus and drove to the zoo. Going there, our keeper bought tickets for us and got the students to cross the gate of the zoo one by one. Some of my best friends and parted company at the zoo and started seeing different animals.

We went to the zoo and saw animals of a species that had only been heard of in books and stories before. We all saw different kinds of parrots there. We saw a breed of parrot that we had never seen. They had different colors and each parrot was made of many colors. Some of my friends liked parrots very much and some of my friends were not very interested in parrot. That we reached a place where monkeys were watching us. He became us. We will start mischievous. One of our friends was very mischievous. He was pointing at the monkeys which the monkeys would also start pointing at him.

Going a little further, there are cages of tigers. There were different types of tigers on the Cages. We also saw a white tiger with a huge body. After that we were wandering around in search of the lion. We went a little farther and saw its cage. Then we went to a room where many kinds of snakes were kept in glass boxes. There were different types of snakes, including the Cobra Black Mamba Viper Snake.

In one of our groups, some boys got frightened when they saw snakes and ran out of snake’s room. After a while, it was time to eat and our keeper fed us. After eating, we went to the zoo again and it was evening. We didn’t know the time, we were very anxious and at five o’clock in the evening time was going on and keeper said it was time to go back. We all sat on our bus and all the students were looking very happy. They went to the zoo today and enjoyed a lot and saw all kinds of animals. I was also very happy because it was the first time in my life that I celebrated with my friends at the zoo.

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