A Picnic Party Eassy For Matric & Intermediate Students

All my family members and I make a plan or party and my family members try their best that we go to Lahore for party. All family members are too much excited because we do not see Lahore city in our whole life. This is the first journey of life with my family members. This is the nice journey because all family members love me and we start our journey from my house. We travel to Lahore through train. We bought tickets and then we sit to our desire seats. In this journey, we sing different types of songs and then we ate many things. After only 2 hours we reached in Lahore city, we have a plan that we will go to Zoo first and then they we will visit different types of historical places.

In zoo we see many animal and we enjoy a lot in zoo. In this place, we play some games and my families members are also enjoy a lot with beautiful scene. We saw king of the jungle and then we saw elephant. After only some hour we feel that we are hungry and best thing is that we arrange lunch for that time. After taking lunch we plan to visit Museum for only information. It is important to touch their life with historical place. In this place, we bought tickets and then we try to enter in Museum. Too much crowed is in that time because this is weekend and all types of families who are free they just visit museum for information. We see many coins that are used in previous years. We saw many types of guns and different types of gun that is too much useful in past years.

Then we make a plan that we will go in park and after that we will back home. At the time of evening we reached in park and then we play different types of games and we drink different types of cold drinks and then at the time of night we book tickets of train for our city.

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