A Cricket Match Essay For Matric & Inter Students

Cricket is one of the unique game that is loved by many in the world. I also love cricket and not only do I like it but I also love cricket. I have been playing cricket since childhood. I prefer bowling in cricket. I am a good bowler who has bowled many times. We often goes to the field and plays cricket and I have won many matches on my bowling bill. My teammates are doing it. I like it very much because I bowl well and the players of the opposing team are afraid of my bowling. Well, it’s a game in which both teams are playing on the same field at the same time. The two players batting at the same time while there are eleven players bowling and fielding of opposite. By the way, there are eleven players in both the teams.

Different zones have been created in cricket. There are timetable, in which there is a test match, there is a match of fifty overs and there is a match of twenty overs. In cricket, when batsmen are batting, they have to score maximum runs in 50 overs, but in addition to this run, if ten of their players are out, it is the turn of the other team. Now the second team has to score more runs than the first team and if they complete their target in 50 overs they win and if they do not complete or even before they complete their target. If the players get out then this team has to lose.

Cricket is a good amateur sport which is played in different countries. Pakistan is also a good cricket playing country. It has set many records. Among its good old players are players like Shoaib Akhtar, Imran Khan and Javed Miandad. Pakistan’s bowling has always been very much the world where cricket teams from different countries live in Pakistan are afraid of bowling because we have very good bowling players. Pakistan has played several World Cup of which 1992 Pakistan had won the World Cup under the supervision of Imran Khan. Pakistan also has the 2008 T20 World Cup as well as the title of Asian Champion in Pakistan.

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