23rd Ramadan Nawafil & Wazaifs In Urdu

All the Nawafil details and the Wazaifs and the other details and the information about the Ramadan are mentioned on the page and the site. The Muslims and the other person can get all the information about the Muslim’s culture and the festivals and the holy books and the other information about the prayers through this link. In the Ramadan there are 29 or the 30 days are fixed for the Ramadan. In that day Allah giving many blessing to the human and Allah says that if any person wants to remove their sins they feel guilty with their deeply heart and then the Allah forgive me all the sins.

23 Ramadan Fazilat

In the last 10 days of the Ramadan, the Muslims are ready for the Itekaf.  In the Itekaf the Muslims are staying in the Mosques and they recite Holy Quran daily. In the 23 Ramadan, the Shab-e- Qadar was celebrated. This night is very precious and the unique for the Muslims. In this night the Muslims recites the Quran and the Drood Sharif in the large quantity. In this night, the mosques are filled with the Muslims and in this night the Muslim arranges many mehfils for the name and the sake of the Allah.

Wazaifa for the 23 Ramadan

In the Quran and the other holy books and the 23 Ramadan has much importance. In the Quran the Allah said about the importance and the value of the Shab- e- Qadar. Hazrat Muhammad PBUH does many prayers for the Muslims and the other religion people in that day. In this day the Muslims distribute the sweets and the other things like rice and the juices and the other things to the poor and the needy and the other relatives homes because every Muslim has the dream that if they distribute some things in their whole amount for the sake of the Allah then Allah gave him too much in their Rizaq.

In this day the Muslims do the WAZZU and then they offer the Nawafil after the ISHA Namaz and the in this Nawafil they recite the SURAT IKHLAS and the SURAT Al-QADAR.

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