23 March Pakistan Day Essay Speech in Urdu

This is the day of the Pakistan resolution. In this day there are many types of celebration are held in our country. Many people celebrate this by putting the flags on the bikes and cars and on their house. In this day there is also a govt officials announced the vacation for all over the country. There are many tablo and many other things are held in college and schools and university and in the national level there is also a very big celebration held at the assembly of Pakistan and the pm and the president of the pakistan also do speeches in urdu for the welfare and for the prosperity of our country. There are many competition are held in pakistan in the name and in the day of  pakistan and in this day there are the Many types of speech competition are held in urdu.

How to write the essay:-

  • We had to put some of the knowledge in our mind for this day.
  • We had to learn the concept of this day in our mind before write it.
  • We had to use the urdu Language for the speech competition.
  • In this speech we had to write the speech carefully and with the full vocalburly.
  • We had to use the led pencil
  • We ad to write it on the main type of the letters.
  • Students had to take a look at the sample of the speech ever happen or written.
  • It consists of about 2-3 pages.
  • All the words are totally ok and the speech is in the full urdu style.

The speech and the sample essay is someone wants to check then they can Visit our website and in Paperpks.com there is a portal for the students who wants to check out the writing procedure and the writing style in urdu.

The portal of the speech and the urdu is also mentioned in our website and then the urdu speech can be written by you very easily and then this is the main part of the speech and the speech written samples are present here.

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