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Guess Papers have great importance and it gives the complete idea to a students about annual paper of a exam and we made guess papers after a great research of book and complete study of past papers. Students can easily get A plus in annual exams with the help of our guess papers. Biology is a very important subject and all students of the world have great interest in this subject. This subject is necessary to become a doctor and also used in large amount in our daily life. You get many advantages from this subject and biology also made our life easy. In this page we are going to share with you complete guess paper of biology for class 12th and students get good marks in annual exam with this guess papers. This guess paper is valid for all boards of Pakistan.

  • 12th Class Biology guess papers for Lahore board
  • 12th Class Biology guess papers for Faisalabad board
  • 12th Class Biology guess papers for Multan board
  • 12th Class Biology guess papers for Gujranwala board
  • 12th Class Biology guess papers for Sargodha board
  • 12th Class Biology guess papers for Sahiwal board
  • 12th Class Biology guess papers for Gujranwala board

Paperpks.com is a only site which gives valid guess papers and provide all boards guess papers, model papers and pairing scheme. You should bookmark this page and should get advantages from this site. This is a necessary subject. You can also get all other subject guess papers online free from here. Here is what you want F.Sc Part II biology guess with important short questions and long questions.

Inter Part 2 Biology Guess Paper 2022

  • Chapter (15): Osmoregulation in different environments, thermoregulation in mammals, dialysis, Liver, excretion in plants, formation and concentrators of urine.
  • Chapter (16): Significance of secondary growth, Plant movements, sliding Filament Model, Exoskeleton, Skull, Vertebral column.
  • Chapter (17): Plant hormones, Pituitary gland, Thyroid gland, Adrenal Gland, Types of Receptors, Nerve Impulse, Learning Behaviour.
  • Chapter (18): Female reproductive Cycle, Male & Female reproductive System.
  • Chapter (19): Growth Correlation. Meristem, Embryonic induction, Aging.
  • Chapter (20): DNA Replication process, Transcription, Experiment of Hershey & Chase/Meselson-Stahl, Genetic code, Translation.
  • Chapter (22): Law of Segregation, Rh Blood groups, Sex determination, Colour blindness. Incomplete dominance, Independent assortment, Test cross, multiple alleles, Diabeties.
  • Chapter (24): Evidences of evolution, Darwinism, Evolution from Prokaryote to Eukaryote, Hard Weinberg theorem and factors.
  • Chapter (25): Symbiosis, Succession, Nzcycle.
  • Chapter (27): Wild life, Air pollution & its effects, fossil fuel, deforestation, Eutrophication.

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