11th Class Physics Important Short Question 2020

Physics is a very important subject and all students of the world read this subject with great interest. Students get 11th class Physics Guess papers 2020 online free from this page and all medical and engineering students get advantages from this guess papers. In this page, we are going to share with you 11th class physics important question of all book. These important question are valid for all students of Pakistan. Students who have wish to obtain good marks in annual exam they should prepare these questions.

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Physics is a science subject and it is complosary subject. All medical and engineering students read this subject. Punjab govt also took great step to increase standard of education in Pakistan. Every college also teach piratical of Physics to their students, so they can easily understand the uses of this subject. Annual paper depend on short question, long question, mcquiz or numerical. Short question is in high amount and students usually have interest in short questions. Only those candidates obtain good marks who give proper time to their education.

11th Class Physics Important Short Question 2020

Chapter 1: Definitions of Physics and its branches, dimensions, quantities, units

Chapter 2: The Whole chapter.

Chapter 3: definitions of displacement, momentum elastic and inelastic collisions, velocity, acceleration,  the law of conservation of momentum.

Exercise questions: 3.2, 3.7, 3.8, 3.9, 3.10

Chapter 4: Definitions of work, energy and its types, energy, power and their units, escape velocity, work-energy principle,

Exercise Questions: 4.1-4.5, 4.10

Chapter 5: all exercise questions

Chapter 6: All exercise questions + definitions of terminal velocity, the venturi effect, fluid dynamics

Chapter 7: Ex questions 7.1- 7.9

Chapter 8: Ex questions 8.3-8-7 + definitions of stationary waves

Chapter 9: Definitions of the wavefront, uses and properties of x-rays, Hygen’s principle, diffraction,

Exercise Questions 9.1-9.7

Chapter 10: Definitions of critical angle, a convex lens and the concave lens, refractive index, total internal reflection, resolving power and magnification

Exercise Questions 10.1-10.5

Chapter 11: Heat and temperature, reversible process, kinetic theory of gas, the molar specific heat of a gas,  Boyl’s Law, entropy and negative entropy,

Exercise Questions: 11.5 -11.13

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