10th Class Math, English, Urdu, Islamiyat, Pak Study, Computer, Biology, Physics & Chemistry Guess Paper 2022

Guess papers have great importance and students get complete idea about the papers from the guess papers. Students get all important question of a book list from past papers and guess papers. We provide all books and all boards guess papers online free on this page and you get top marks in your exams and then you admission in good college or university. All boards gives all type of facilities to its all students. They share model papers with their students and students get all boards model papers online free from here.

  • SSC Guess Paper 2022

Guess paper of matric & 10th class avail here and all boards students get guess papers online free from here. Those students who have wish to get good marks in annual exams, they should prepare our guess papers with great interest because our team made guess papers after the complete study of the books and past papers. These guess papers are valid for all boards of Pakistan. You can also get all boards results news online free from here

10th Class Urdu Guess Paper 2022

Urdu is a very important subject and all students of Pakistan read this subject with great interest. It is our national language and we share with you complete guess papers of Urdu for BISE Boards so the students get complete idea of the paper and obtain good marks in annual examination. Now at the end of time when final exams are just going to start, they are looking for some study material which can help them to pass any this subject easily. There will be specific thing in papers that is there are few important chapters which are important and few paragraphs.

Important Khulasa

(Asbaaq) Merza saeed, Astanbol, Mulama, Nam deo mali,  chughal khor.

Short Question Answer

Chapter #  4,5,6,9,10,12,17


Median e krbla, Fatma bent Abdullah,  kesaan


Ye fakhar to hasil hai, Admi admi say & Museebt bhi rahat,

Ghazal for tashreez no # 21 .24.

Nazum for Tashree no # 1 6,17,19,20


pabandi waqat, elam k faeday,mehnat ki barkten, sacience k krishmae, maan baap k saath slook,
talab elam k fraez.

Gramer: phaly 9 pages.

Araab lganay page 36 to 39

Gramer pages no. 10.

10th Class English Guess Paper 2022

English is a very important language in whole world and used in large amount in the universe. People of Pakistan also like this language and have great interest in this language. Now we are going to share with you complete matric guess paper of English and students get good marks in exams with the help of our guess paper. Guess papers are just the idea of important parts of any subject which are designed by the experienced teachers.  It is correct time to get those teachers guess papers who are exporters of English language and its grammar.

Short Question Answer

  • Page # 8 Question # 1, 2, 4, 5
  • Page # 44 Question # 2,5,6
  • Page # 20 Question # 1,4,5
  • Page # 52 Question # 2,3
  • Page # 111 Question # 1,3,4,7
  • Page # 72 Question # 1,2,5,7
  • Page # 122 Question # 1,4,5
  • Page # 144 Question # 4,5,6,8
  • Page # 133 Question # 1,4,5
  • Page # 154 Question # 2,5,6

Lesson For Translation



The Rain & Peace


  • Sports & Games
  • Cricket Match
  • My Last Day At School
  • Television
  • A Rainy Day

Urdu to English Paragraph


10th Class Biology Guess Paper 2022

Biology is a very important subject for those students who have wish to become doctor. For medical students Bio have great importance and complete information about living thins avail in this books. We also share complete guess paper of Biology for all boards so the students get good marks in annual exams and become a good doctor. Biology is a pure science subject and it is compulsory subject at least at 10th standard. Those candidates who had interest in science filed, they took biology subject which is the base of science subject.

List of Important Short Questions of Biology for 10th Class

  • Write the role of skin in homeostasis?
  • Write the types of Coordination.
  • Write the names of two types of cartilage.
  • Write the names of components of Coordination Action.
  • Write the names of the hormones secreted by ovaries.
  • Write the functions of hypothalamus.
  • Write name of three main parts of brain?
  • Write the difference between Elastic cartilage and Fibrous cartilage?
  • Write four symptoms of pneumonia.
  • Write down types and symptoms of Bronchitis?
  • Write down types of nerves on basis of axon characters?
  • Write down the symptoms and treatment of Asthma?
  • Write down the differences among motor neurons, sensory neurons and inter-neurons?
  • Write down the normal chemical composition of urine?
  • Write down the difference between inspiration and expiration?
  • Write down function of coordinator?
  • Write down the cause of paralysis?
  • Write down examples of response?
  • Write a note on Autonomic Nervous System.
  • Write about contribution of Ali ibn-e-Sina about eye?
  • Why transpiration does not take place at night?
  • Which drugs are taken in the epilepsy?
  • Which hormones are secreted by glands? What functions are controlled by these hormones?
  • Whet is stimulus? Give examples.
  • Where fibrous cartilage is found?
  • What steps are involved in the formation of Urine in the kidneys?
  • What is voice box?
  • What is tubular secretion?
  • What is Vegetative Propagation?
  • What is the role of biotechnology in field of medicine and agriculture?
  • What is the location of kidneys in the body?
  • What is the function of sensory neuron and motor neuron?
  • What is the function of temporal lobe?
  • What is the function of occipital lobe and temporal lobe in human brain?
  • What is the difference between compact and spongy bone?
  • What is the effect of carbon monoxide present in tobacco smoke?
  • What is spinal cord?
  • What is seed dormancy?
  • What is seed germination?
  • What is salutatory Impulse?
  • What is renal tubule? What are its parts?
  • What is Rhizomes?
  • What is Reflex action?
  • What is Pharynx?
  • What is pneumonia?
  • What is peritoneal dialysis?
  • What is Osmoregulation?
  • What is passive smoking? What is its effect?
  • What is nitrification?
  • What is mRNA?
  • What is nicotine?
  • What is marijuana? What is its source?
  • What is modern evolutionary theory?
  • What is lung cancer?
  • What is kidney transplant?
  • What is lithotripsy?
  • What is homeostasis? Give example.
  • What is greenhouse effect?
  • What is homeostasis?
  • What is glottis?
  • What is Expiration?
  • What is Fragmentation?
  • What is difference between breathing and respiration?
  • What is diabetes mellitus?
  • What is diaphragm?
  • What is Corolla? What is its role?
  • What is chromatin?
  • What is cloning?
  • What is cerebrum? What are their functions?
  • What is Biosphere?
  • What is bronchitis?
  • What is biological nitrogen fixation?
  • What is Alternation of Generation?
  • What is arteriosclerosis?
  • What is aerobic respiration?
  • What do you mean by dominant and recessive alleles?
  • What do you mean by Hormone?
  • What do you know about antigens and antibodies?
  • What are vocal cords?
  • What are xerophytes? How do they reduce loss of water?
  • What are various components of Ecosystem?
  • What are the parts of urinary system?
  • What are they caused of osteoporosis?
  • What are the parts of Axial skeleton?
  • What are the major organs involved in homeostasis in human body? State the roles of each of these organs.
  • What are the objectives of genetic engineering?
  • What are the main components of coordination?
  • What are the functions of sympathetic system?
  • What are the homozygous and heterozygous genotypes?
  • What are the functions of parasympathetic system?
  • What are the effects of deforestation?
  • What are the effects of smoking on our teeth?
  • What are symptoms of pneumonia?
  • What are symptoms of Asthma?
  • What are symptoms of bronchitis?
  • What are Stomata?
  • What are parathyroid Glands?
  • What are renal cortex and renal medulla?
  • What are hydrophytes? How they remove excess water?
  • What are halophytes?
  • What are Hinge joints? Give example.
  • What are endospores?
  • What are decomposers?
  • What are different parts of angiosperm seeds?
  • What are alveoli?
  • What are acid rains?
  • What are Adrenal Glands?
  • What are the advantages of SCP?
  • Name two disorders of nervous system.
  • What are ligaments and tendons? What function do they perform?
  • Name the types of coordination.
  • Name parts of adrenal gland and their hormones.
  • Name the types of coordination in living organism.
  • In chemical coordination, who act as effectors?
  • How Nitrogen Fixation Occur in nature?
  • How plants remove metabolic wastes from their body?
  • Give advantage and disadvantages of vegetative, Propagation of plants
  • Distinguish between respiration and breathing?
  • Explain homeostasis with an example.
  • Differentiate between natural and artificial selection.
  • Differentiate between the modes of nervous and chemical co-ordinations.
  • Differentiate between voluntary action and involuntary action.
  • Differentiate between spinal and cranial nerves.
  • Differentiate between osteoporosis and arthritis.
  • Differentiate between renewable and nonrenewable natural resources?
  • Differentiate between negative feedback and positive feedback?
  • Differentiate between inspiration and expiration.
  • Differentiate between narcotics and hallucinogens.
  • Differentiate between breathing and cellular respiration.
  • Describe the target age of epilepsy?
  • Differentiate between Acute and Chronic bronchitis.
  • Describe the function of urinary bladder and urethra is human urinary system?
  • Define Xerophytes.
  • Describe the common disorders of the eye.
  • Describe briefly Mendel’s contribution in the field of genetics.
  • Define water pollution.
  • Define vascular and functional disorders?
  • Define Support and Movement. Give its examples.
  • Define transpiration.
  • Define skeleton and endoskeleton.
  • Define reflex action and reflex arc.
  • Define Seed Coat.
  • Define receptors. Name the main receptors in man.
  • Define pollination. Name its types.
  • Define pollution.
  • Define Parthenogenesis.
  • Define osmoregulation.
  • Define osmosis.
  • Define nucleosome.
  • Define Neuron.
  • Define nitrogen fixation. How does it occur?
  • Define Nasal Cavity.
  • Define liftman Skeleton? Give its types.
  • Define mutualism. Give an example.
  • Define law of thermodynamics.
  • Define law of Independent Assortment.
  • Define law of segregation.
  • Define hormone.
  • Define Glomerular Filtrate?
  • Define goiter.
  • Define global warming.
  • Define food chain and food web.
  • Define genotype and phenotype.
  • Define flexor and flexion.
  • Define extensor and extension.
  • Define feedback mechanism?
  • Define ecosystem. Give examples.
  • Define Diaphragm.
  • Define double fertilization.
  • Define deforestation.
  • Define Coordination and give example.
  • Define cross pollination. How is it brought about?
  • Define Condrocytes?
  • Define Codominance.
  • Define commensalisms. Give an example.
  • Define Cellular Respiration.
  • Define Budding in Hydra.
  • Define Bulbs.
  • Define Biotechnology.
  • Define Binary Fission in Unicellular Eukaryotes.
  • Briefly describe the technique of tissue culture.
  • Define Binary Fission.
  • Define antagonism.
  • Define a drug. State the types of drugs.
  • Define a joint? What is their role?
  • Compare endocrine and exocrine gland.

List of Important Practicals of Biology for Class 10th in Board Exams

Practicals: 10.3, 10.4, 12.2, 12.3, 13.1, 14.2, 14.5, 14.6, 17.1 or you can also prepare practicals list for paper given below.

1.Demonstration of the pressure of CO2 in exhled air.

2.Examinaton of structure of kidney.

3.Demonstrtion of the pressur of tar in Cigrate smoke.

4.Examination to abserve contraction in skin museles of frog in petridish filled with Mathylene blue and using 12V.D.C current.

5.Examination of Mustard flower, gram seed and maize grain.

6.Investigation of the nature of bone.

7.Investigation about the role of yeast and bacteria in the fermentation of flour and milk.

List of 10th Class Important Topics (Long Questions) of Biology

Ch#1:-Difference between Respiration and Breathing Stomata and lanticells, Glottis and Epiglottis, Bronchi and Bronchioles, Emphysema, Asthma

Ch#3:-Nerve cell or Neuron, Division of Brain, Structure of Eye, Pituitary gland, Feed back mechanism. Del’s law of Independent Assortment, Contentious and discontinuous variations, Artificial Selection.

Ch#2:-Osmoregulation, Excretion, Thermoregulation, Xerophytes, Function of Skin, Structure of Nephron, kidney Failure, Kidney Transplant.

Ch#7:-population ,Community, Ecosystem, Producers, Consumers, Food Chain and Food Web, Carbon Cycle and Nitrogen Cycle, Symbiosis Air Pollution and Water Pollution, Conservation of Nature.

Important Topic

Two situation face by leaf, mechanism of breathng, asthma, pneumonia, lung cancer, homeostasis in plants, bed effect of smoking, eye structure, balance maintaining by ear, adrenal gland pancreas, disorders of nervous system, muscles nd movement, types of cartilages, human skeleton, urinary system of human, kidney complete, nerve cel, cerebrum peripheral nervous system,  natural propagation in plants, double fertilization, asexual reproduction, germination of seed, aids, fertilization central dogma,  nitrogen nd carbon cycle, symbiosis , air & water pollution, 3Rs, biotechnology, fermentation, genetic engineering, drugs, hallucinogens’, vaccines, antibiotic resistance, law of segregation, variation lead to the evolution, mechanism of evolution, component of ecosystem.

10th Class Pak Study Guess Paper 2022

Pak study is a very important subject. Those candidates who have intersect in History, they read this subject with great interest. We also share with you, complete guess paper of this subject and you get full marks in your exam. As all of you know that only Pakistan history is included in this subject so it is difficult sometime to remember dates which are mention in the tale of Pakistan previous circumstances. There are few certain topics in this subject and if you will take a look on these important topics then you will be able to pass this subject.

Short Question

  •  Chapter 5= Q#1,2,5,6,8.
  • Chapter 7 Q#3,4,5 ,7,9.
  • Chapter 6=Q#1,3 ,5,6,8,9
  • Chapter 8 Q#1,2,3,5,6,7.

Long Question

  •  Chapter 7 Q#1,4,5,9.
  • Chapter 8 Q#1,2,3,5
  •  Chapter 5 Q#3,5,7.
  •  Chapter 6 Q#1,4,6,12.

10th Class Chemistry Guess Paper 2022

Chemistry subject have great importance because this subject help us to made different atom bomb and many such things which made our life easy. Candidates who are weak in this subject, actually they just don’t have interest in this subject. It can happen that at the time of taking this subject, you have listened the importance of this subject and nothing else. Now it has become the major one problem for you as you are still not able to handle this subject.

Shorts Questions

All text book (Test Yourself and Exercise Questions Only)

10th Class Chemistry Long Question

  • Dynamic equilibrium and its characteristics
  • Reactions of acids
  • Types of salts
  • Law of mass action and equilibrium constant
  • Acid and base Lewis theory
  • Homologous series
  • Functional groups
  • Alkanes and their hylo junction
  • Alkynes, alkenes and alkanes features or characteristics
  • Classification of organic compounds
  • Carbohydrates and their forms
  • Acid rain and its effects
  • Ozone and its eliminations
  • Sources of proteins and their uses
  • Vitamins and their types
  • Green house effect and Global warming
  • Water hardness and its types
  • Atmospheres and its layers
  • Salve process and its working
  • Preparation of urea.

10th Class Islamiyat Guess Paper 2022

Islamiyat is a Islamic subject and it is compulsory subject known in whole Pakistan. We also share complete guess paper of this subject. Islamiat is not such a difficult subject as it is our religious subject but it is fact that only few are weak in this subject. It can happen that they are doing some work they were not able to prepare themselves for this subject. Now you don’t have need to think more about it that how you will handle this subject as you have now its guess papers.

  • Short Qs Ka Lia Suraton Ke Exercise
  • Surat Ul Ahzab Ke Ayt 1 ta 20 or 30 ta 35
  • Hadith No 6,9,8,10,12,19,20
  • Surat Ul Mumtahna Ke Ayt no 1 ta 10 or un Ke Exercise ka Sawalat

Long Questions

  •  Haqooq Ul Ebad, Khutba Huja Tul Alwada, Jehad Ke Eksam, Fazyl,Or Ahmia,Hjrat Ka Fazyl,Aile Zindi,Olad Ka Haqoq.

10th Class Math Guess Paper 2022

Math is also a very important subject and this subject also have great importance in our life. Guess papers are the idea about anything. If you are getting guess papers then it will have simple mean that is you are preparing these notes on probability that is both cases can occur in final exams. Paper can hit form these guess papers and it can also happen that there will be only a short part that will be form guess paper.


  • Define Radical equation or Quadratic equation
  • Define Reciprocal equation & ratio
  • Define name method equation & define range
  • Define Properties and variation
  • Define proper and improper fraction & rational fraction
  • Define complement of set & rational fraction
  • Define into function onto function, one one function
  • Define arithmetic, mean, standard deviation, radian & measure of angle,
  • Define circle, length of tangent, segment circle & variable deviation

Short Questions

  • Exercise 1.1 – Question 1 (ii,iv,v,iv) – Q2 (vi) – Q3 (i,iv,vii)
  • Exercise 1.2 Question 1 (i,vi,x)
  • Exercise 1.3 Question 1, Q9, Q10
  • Exercise 2.1 Question 6
  • Example no. 2 (a) Page 22
  • Exercise 2.2 Question 2 (vi) Page 32 – Q2 (vii, viii, i) Example 5 – Q3
  • Exercise 2.3 Question1 (i, ii)
  • Exercise 2.4 Question 1 (i,ii)
  • Exercise 2.5 Question 1 (c, a)
  • Page 42 example 5
  • Exercise 2.6 Question1 (i,ii,iii)
  • Exercise 2.8 Question 1
  • Exercise 3.2 Question 4
  • Exercise 3.4 Question 1 (ii)
  • Exercise 3.6 Question 1 (ii,iii)
  • Exercise 4.1 Question 3 and Question 8
  • Exercise 4.2 Question 6
  • Exercise 5.2 Question 1 (i,ii,iii)
  • Exercise 5.4 Question 2 Page 139 example 2
  • Exercise 6.2 Question 3 (i,ii)
  • Exercise 7.1 (iii,iv,v,viii)
  • Exercise 6.3 Question 4 and Q5 (i)
  • Exercise 7.4 Question 24 and Q14
  • Exercise 7.5 Question 2

10th Class Physics Guess Paper 2022

Physics is also a very important subject and you get complete guess paper of this subject online free from this page. Physics is an interesting subject but it has also several problems. Main problem of students is clear that they just realize that they can’t handle this subject and it makes bad effect on their mind. They cannot only see these guess papers online although if they have interest to download these guess papers then they can also down load these guess papers easily without any hesitation.

Short & Long Question

  • Digital and Analog
  • Simple harmonic motion exp.
  • Fleming’s law
  • Total internal reflection
  • Isotopes
  • Ohms law
  • Conductor and insulator
  • Pitched of sound, Intensity of sound
  • Gold-leaf electroscope
  • Resistance and unit
  • BAND ,NOR .AND, OR, Gates ,Symbol, Truth Table
  • Hardware and Software
  • Nuclear Transmission
  • Nuclear Fission and Fusion
  • Uses of internet.

10th Class Computer Guess Paper 2022

Mostly students of the world like this subject and also get good marks in this subject. Computer guess papers for 10th class get online free. Students doing 10th standard course in any board of Punjab can get guess papers according to their board. Below is given link from where you will be able soon to get these guess papers which will upload on this page. Candidates will be able to bet these guess papers free of cost.

  • How can find a word in MS-Word?
  • How can print a document of word?
  • Define the IF–THEN–ELSE statement with syntax.
  • Why are remarks used in program?
  • What are type declaration characters work?
  • State the purpose of testing program.
  • Define direct mode in BASIC.
  • Describe the use of “IF” statement in BASIC.
  • What is the use of bullet and numbering?
  • Write the purpose of Undo and Redo command.
  • What is menu bar in MS-Word
  • Write the use of scroll bar in Word.
  • Define the word processing.
  • Write down the method of inserting page number in MS-Word.
  • How can apply bullets in MS-Word?
  • Write about the use of LINE statement in Basic.
  • Write the types of control structure.
  • What is hanging indents?
  • What is the purpose of Date $?
  • Write two limitations of flow chart.
  • Write the purpose and syntax of SAVE command.
  • Write the purpose and syntax of RUN command.
  • Write the purpose and syntax of ABS function.
  • Write down the purpose and syntax of CIRCLE statement.
  • Write syntax of For–NEXT Loop.
  • Give the purpose and syntax of LOAD command.
  • Give the purpose and syntax of LIE command.
  • Give the purpose and syntax of DELETE command.
  • What is mean by syntax of a programming language?
  • Give the purpose and format of SQR function. Give the purpose and format of INT function.
  • SIC?
  • What do you mean by control transfer? In BASIC, how many ways you can transfer control.
  • What is meant by un-conditional transfer of control and which statement is used for it?
  • How can add Remarks in G.W. Basic program? OR Briefly describe the structure of BASIC program.
  • How modulus and integral division is use in BASIC?
  • State the purpose of SAVE command in BASIC language.
  • How to Load a saved program in BASIC?
  • What is a use of F2 key in Basic?
  • Write the purpose and format of sin function.
  • Write down the steps for closing the document.
  • How line statement is different from CIRCLE statement.
  • Write down the function of KILL command.
  • What is an algorithm? OR Write an algorithm to find the factorial of a given number.
  • Why is DIM Statement used to declare array?
  • Why array is calls subscripted variable? OR Describe the use of subscripted variable in array.
  • What is the purposes of ERR and PERL variables?
  • What is the purpose of TAB Function?
  • What is the purpose of DRAW statement?
  • What is string variable?
  • What is Row?
  • What is pixel?
  • What is meant by subprograms?
  • What is meant by manipulation of array?
  • What is meant by implement the program?
  • What is meant by filling of an array?
  • What is meant by document the program?
  • What is meant by coding?
  • What is IDE?
  • What is user?
  • Define Random files.
  • Write a program that print ASCII characters from 1-255.
  • What is meant by drop cap?
  • What is INPUT distance?
  • What is Indirect Mode?
  • What is flow chart? OR Write down three advantages of using flow chart.
  • What is direct mode?
  • What is desk checking?
  • What is Analysis? Describe its importance in solving problem.
  • What is a LET statement?
  • What do you mean by built in functions?
  • Define array and What are two dimensional arrays?
  • What are runtime errors?
  • What do you know about FIX () function?
  • Describe the method of declare an array of big size in BASIC.
  • What are reserved words or keywords?
  • What are parameters?
  • State the use of random access method.
  • Purpose of PSET statement.
  • Write the use of word processor.
  • What is meant by Auto Correct?
  • Purpose of MKDIR command.
  • Make a table of Logical AND Operator.
  • Explain the use of text mode in BASIC?
  • Write names of different types of errors in a program.
  • How to fill the Data in one dimensions array?
  • Describe the SCREEN statement.
  • Define the Palette.
  • Define Loop.
  • Define loop control variable.
  • Define graphics. OR Give name of graphic modes.
  • Define constant.
  • Define a nested loop.

Long Question

  • What is meant by computer programming?
  • What method should be adopted to solve complex problems?
  • Why documentation is considered vital in problem solving process?
  • Develop a program that prints the sum the even number from 30 to 50.
  • Is it necessary for an algorithm to solve problem in finite number of steps? If ye why?
  • Compare a flowchart and an algorithm.
  • Write an algorithm to sum Array A elements and array B elements.
  • What is meant by logical errors and Why logical errors occur?
  • What does debugging mean? Write a note on different types of programming errors.
  • Describe ON-ERROR GOTO statement in BASIC with example.
  • Write down the use of inner loop and outer loop in table or two dimensional arrays.
  • Write a program to print first ten natural numbers using loop.
  • Write a note on While-Wend loop with example.
  • Describe the importance of program documentation?
  • Describe important features of BASIC language.
  • Why clear command is used in BASIC.
  • Discuss the different types of variable in BASIC Language.
  • Explain CIRCLE statement in BASIC language.
  • Describe the character set of BAS language.
  • How can “Cut” and “Paste” the specific paragraph in MS-Word?
  • Write note on same common used numeric function.
  • Write down the purpose of BEEP () and SIN () Functions.
  • Write a program to produce five concentric circles of different radii.
  • Write a program to print a list of numbers from the given numbers. 6,42,4,77,32,9,21,22,8,45,15,46.
  • Describe about printing two dimensional arrays with the help of an example.
  • Write a program to draw a parallelogram by using DRAW Statement.
  • Draw a statement and write syntax with the help of an example.
  • Write a program to calculate the area of a triangle. The program should get the values for base and
  • altitude of the triangle from the user, and display the result.
  • What is ON GOTO statement? Explain with example.
  • What is Modular programming? Describe different steps involved in programming development?
  • Write a purpose of the function keys i.e., from F1 and F9 in GW-BASIC.
  • What if file handing? Write a detailed note on sequential files.
  • Describe sequential access method.
  • What does it mean by type conversion? Describe rules of type conversion in BASIC.
  • What are Variables? How can we declare a variables name?
  • What are the advantages flowcharts? Discuss limitation of flowchart.
  • What is toolbar? Describe the method of customizing the toolbar.
  • How is data written and read to and from the random data file?
  • Give an example and explain the use of comma (,) and semi colon(;) with print statement.
  • How can you run the spell checker MS Word?
  • Explain relational operators used in BASIC with examples.
  • Describe DIM Statement. Also give example.
  • Define the different views of the document.
  • Define the COLOR statement. How many color background are available with color statement?
  • Define and explain an array. Describe its different types and uses?
  • Define top down design.
  • Explain the use of GOSUB and RETURN statement.
  • Explain the title bar.
  • Difference between SPC and Space function?
  • Differentiate between medium resolution graphics mode and high resolution graphic mode.
  • Differentiate between CLS and clear command.
  • Distinguish between Formatting Toolbar and Standard Toolbar.
  • Differentiate between variable and constant?
  • Differentiate between single-precision variables and double-precision variables.
  • Differentiate between runtime errors and logical errors.
  • Differentiate between data file and program file.
  • Differentiate between BASIC Command and statements.
  • Differentiate between a variable and constant.
  • Differentiate BASIC commands and statements.
  • Differentiate between Bug and debugging?

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