10th Class Chemistry Guess Paper 2022

Chemistry complete guess paper for each board for 10th class final exams 2022 get online free on this page. There is no more time when that day will come when you will ready to sit in the examination hall. As you now that your count down has been started and now you have to prepare yourself at any cost. Now if you are still not preparing for these subjects then you can get its guess papers which will upload on this page. Below is given name of each board so you can select your board and after clicking on that link you will redirect to that page from where you will get its guess papers.

  • 10th Class Chemistry guess papers for Lahore board
  • 10th Class Chemistry guess papers for Faisalabad board
  • 10th Class Chemistry guess papers for Multan board
  • 10th Class Chemistry guess papers for Gujranwala board
  • 10th Class Chemistry guess papers for Sargodha board
  • 10th Class Chemistry guess papers for Sahiwal board
  • 10th Class Chemistry guess papers for Gujranwala board

Chemistry is one of the difficult science subjects. If we will take a look on the ration of supplementary subjects then we will say that chemistry is at the number one in this ratio especially at secondary level. Candidates who are weak in this subject, actually they just don’t have interest in this subject. It can happen that at the time of taking this subject, you have listened the importance of this subject and nothing else. Now it has become the major one problem for you as you are still not able to handle this subject. Anyhow now you don’t have need to think about it anymore as now complete study material of this subject have been uploaded and you can get lots of help through this study material which is given on this site.

10th Class Chemistry Long Question

  • Dynamic equilibrium and its characteristics
  • Reactions of acids
  • Types of salts
  • Law of mass action and equilibrium constant
  • Acid and base Lewis theory
  • Homologous series
  • Functional groups
  • Alkanes and their hypo junction
  • Alkynes, alkenes and alkanes features or characteristics
  • Classification of organic compounds
  • Carbohydrates and their forms
  • Acid rain and its effects
  • Ozone and its eliminations
  • Sources of proteins and their uses
  • Vitamins and their types
  • Green house effect and Global warming
  • Water hardness and its types
  • Atmospheres and its layers
  • Salve process and its working
  • Preparation of urea.

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